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Friday, April 3, 2020

People who get ureka360 going #PillersofUreka360

Aniruddha Kalbande ( Founder )

Aniruddha Kalbande is young Engineer following his passion of entrepreneurship. Ureka360 is the 1st one among them which he started as a student.

Rajeshree Kadhao ( Author )

A freelancer who loves to read,learn and network. I love to challenge the creativity in me and feel passionate about experimenting my thoughts and trying new things!

Yash Bhalerao ( Author )

For every dream begins with a dreamer and passion is the fuel that keeps it ignited. Breaking the stereotype and getting started all over is not what every being can do. It takes burning desire, sketched dream and directed passion. My journey tends to follow the way my passion does.

Jidhnyasa khondey ( Author )

I’m a simple version of a complex thing . Your mind is my thought. Admin of Instagram page the_unexpressed_zeal

Aishwarya Bhonagiri ( Author )

Portraying thoughts is a hobby, Rendering them in words is art,
But The principle of true art is not to portray,but to evoke
I am in my way of indulging myself into this and of course love to
promulgate them.A girl in search of real satisfaction.

Vaibhavi Bele ( Author )

Civil engineer by day, renegade writer by night. Sounds fun? It is! Writing is in my blood and is my way of meditation. I believe that there is an artist in all of us, regardless of what we do.I may not be the best writer, but some day, some where, my writings will find you and when they do, I hope you find what you were looking for.I also truly believe that when you write, you give others the courage to think differently.

Abcd Efgh ( Author )

You can be here ! Oh yes you .Go to contact us .