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Thursday, November 14, 2019
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8 Benefits You’ll get while exploring your passion with Seeken

Did you know? Thousands of seeken subscribers are already exploring their passion and purpose of life with seeken? I'm one of them....

छोड़ो … जाने दो !

छोड़ो ... जाने दो ! बहुत गहरी लगी थी वो बात देर तक रह गयी थी याद लफ्ज़ बेस्वाद कर गए थे ज़ेहन का स्वाद  फिर एक...

Data – Oil of the 21st Century

“Data is the new oil, we need to find it, extract it, refine it, distribute it and monetize it.” – David Buckingham Data science is...

Teacher-Taught relationship

Our great country has rich cultural heritage, where teacher the GURU is considered next to the God. In yesteryears, the guru treated his pupils...

Changing Scenario of Employment in India

Greetings, reader! How many of you have had the thought, ‘I’m fed up of my job,’ recently? And how many of you can proudly say, “I...