Bullet Journaling : The Life Changing Habit


Hey warriors, New year is heading towards us. It comes with a lot of new year resolutions. Some completed, some incomplete, some unattempted and  rest are postponed to next year. May this year you’ll bring glory in your life. Who hasn’t heard the quote, “We can’t change the future but we can change our habits and our habits will definitely change our future.”? Barely anybody! Today we’re going to know about a life changing habit called bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is not new jargon. Many achievers from Mahatma Gandhi, Veer Sawarkar to Albert Einstein, Bill Gates practiced journaling. Journal are daily notes where one writes about oneself, his goals, his progress.You’ll find many more creative ways to bullet journal on google and youtube. This one is what you’ll be benefited the most. 

You’ll find  bullet journaling simple. You don’t need fancy costly things. It is low cost and distraction free planner. Bullet journaling will have 2 sessions. This is what you’ll find it different from diary writing. Morning session will be about planning day. Evening session will be introspection session. It will be shorter than morning session but mandatory. As a result you’ll be a good tracker than just a good planner. 

How To Start Bullet Journaling

  • Have your month planner at start

At the start of journal, have your month planner. And write down everything,yeah.. everything you want to do in the month. Following picture will definitely help you.

Though Ram’s birthday has nothing to do with your future plan, it will make you aware about availability of free time on that day. Hence write everything!

  • Similarly plan your week

Divide your month targets into weeks; so that it will be completed till end of month. It is an optional part. You may skip it, if you’re comfortable. When I skipped it I faced gap in introspection. So I’ll suggest not to skip it, otherwise choice is yours!

  • Decide your signifiers

Here your organization skills have to play. task,notes, events,completed tasks .You may bullet your journal with your favorite bullets. It will act as catalyst in your journey of self improvement. You may also use different pens, highlighters, sticky notes. More you’ll be creative; more you’ll carry this habit

  • Your everyday role

This is your main task. It’s slightly different from diary writing. There will be two sessions daily. Morning session will be long as it will plan day. Night session will be short but  mandatory. In morning session you have to write what all things you’re going to list everything that you’re going to do that day. In night session you’ll update status.

Distribute your tasks in three parts : 1. Need to do, 2. Should do 3. want to do.

While writing tasks keep asking two questions to yourself: Q1. Is it really vital? Q2. Does it really matter for you or somebody else? Go on iff it’s yes.

  • Update your journal

You’ll introspect, take necessary actions like postponing, preponing and other rectifications in this section.

Benefits of Bullet Journaling

  • You Have a Keystone Habit now

Keystone in a structure is supporting to other stones. Similarly keystone habit is a habit that leads to develop multiple good habits. Getting up early will also lead you to get a walk, take exercise, study or read something productive. Similarly bullet journaling brings a drastic change by adding multiple good habits. That’s why we should start journaling and try to keep keystone habits.

  • Keep you motivated

Motivation is that thing; when we have it we think we can change the world. But when we lack it we can’t even change ourself. This is not true motivation. Often we feel guilty or demotivated because we start our day with TV, mobile and do things which big companies wants us to do. On a contrast, when you’ll start journaling, you’ll invest your time on self improvement. Opening journal affirmating, your goals will keep you motivated. In 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen has said, “Keeping a daily journal is a high leverage activity that increases self awareness enhance endowments and synergy among them.”

  • You become healthy

Yeah!!!.. Even I found it irrelevant. But many medical research concluded that 60% of illness occurs due to stress & anxiety. Bullet journal will indirectly protect you from illness. Even some scientific journals have claimed that writing cures you fast from illness like BP and Liver problems. So just start journaling!

  • You’ll learn faster and remember more

There might be many apps on this topic but I’ll suggest writing over typing. The reason is Human brain learns faster when we write. Research of ‘Association of Physical Science’ concluded that writing boosts your memory more than typing on digital device. Bullet journaling will benefit you in such a way also.

  • You’ll have Clarity, Priority in intentions

Spending day in thinking too much about too much thinking, without channelizing flow of energy doesn’t help. It is same as having many junk files in computer resulting in slow down. Writing will relax your brain. Journaling will eventually make your goals clear and prioritized. This will stop you feeling guilty. Henceforth You’ll find easy to take future initiatives.

  • Sense of gratitude

Here comes the cutest part! Leave about self improvement and goal achieving. Many great people like Oprah Winfrey thanks everyone in journal in endd of day. This brings the sense of grattitude and politeness; which is key quality in great people.

Let’s make new year resolution that you’ll start journaling!

So that all other your resolutions will end successfully!

Hope you’ll have successful year ahead!

Let me know about your resolutions in comment section and your feedback about Bullet Journaling on kartikd2097@gmail.com

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Happy Learning!!



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