Happy that you started looking for a great sport and healthy activity. Isn’t it great to be a
part of 1 Billion community? Yeah! You heard that right. So to start with How to Start Cycling?

Here are some steps:

Step 1:

You have to understand your purpose of cycling (say, Fitness, commuting, racing, off-
roading,). This is the First step to start with the question How to start Cycling.

Step 2:
Next, you have to choose the right weapon of choice, your bike. There are numerous
variety of brands and n number of models. You can choose your bicycle-based on your purpose.
Once you start riding, you can upgrade your bicycle if you feel you need to get into another
purpose (say you start with fitness but you love riding in performance-based rides)

Step 3:
Next step on How to start Cycling is How to get the right bike that fits you. There are a
few things you should start considering while buying the right brand and the right model. There
are numerous popular brands available like Trek, Specialized, Bianchi, Cannondale, Ridley, Fuji,
Cervelo and the list goes on. There are few models available with the TI cycles too. These are
available with showrooms like Just Buy Cycles, Track and Trial, Ciclo Cafe, Decathlon and Pro
Bikers in Chennai. You also have online websites like Choose my bicycles, BOTS and you can also
get in e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. They help you in choosing the right fit
among the size available. Few things needed to look into choosing the right bike are Size
available, Material of Bike and the Bike style. So you found your right fit and got the right bike.

Step 4:
Then next step in How to cycling is to join a few cycling groups near your location-based
your likes and have a wonderful and professional company with you. There are few groups in
Chennai like Tamil Nadu cycling club, WCCG, Vibrant Velachery and other few groups. You can
join and participate in their events too. If you are not an extrovert and you don’t like other’s
company, you can ride alone or with your loved ones. At last, it doesn’t matter whether you ride
alone, ride with the group, you ride a 4.5Lacks Ridley Dean Fast or just you ride a 4.5K bike, But
riding is the one that matters.

Still not convinced to get yourselves in the saddle? Here are some popular facts that are
which gives you importance on riding:

▪ It cuts the riders the risk of Cardio diseases.
▪ It helps your mental well-being.
▪ It helps to get you fit and build your muscles (Who doesn’t want to look good
with thighs and calves muscles).
▪ It helps in improving your sex life.
Whether you ride with passion, or you ride for the environment well-being or you ride
for your health benefits or any other purpose, nevertheless the purpose, keep riding and grinding.
You’ll explore a lot and you will have fun while riding.

Tips for your First Ride:

To help you out your first ride, here are some tips which could help you
▪ Start riding with a smaller distance, don’t overdo at the start.
▪ Have a pair on sipper bottles on with water and other with lemon juice so that
you don’t dehydrate yourself and end up with a cramp on your first ride.
▪ Check your bicycle for proper pressure in your tyre and mechanical condition.
Hope you got answers for your questions for How to Start Cycling? has been answered.
Still, you have more questions unanswered or you need any personal pieces of advice and
recommendation? Please post your queries in the comment section.

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