Digital Fasting


According to Ayurveda’s research, digestion system is central to our health. A poor digestion leads to poor health and a strong digestion facilitates good health. Digestion helps us absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Its other role is to remove waste products that build up in our cells and tissues. When our digestive system goes weak, we have low nutrition coming into our body, and poor elimination of waste. This can lead to weakness, lack of energy and low immunity.
The idea of a regular fast is to give our digestive system a rest. This helps to revitalise and re-ignite our digestive fire and thereby improves our overall health.
Same is applicable to our digital life. We are surrounded by lots of electronic gadgets like Television, Smartphone and Internet. It is difficult to experience life without these gadgets. We assumes all required nutrition to our mind are coming from these into our body.
Somewhere digital world suppress our imagination, creativity to some extent. Think about a fresh morning you come up with a new creative idea and you got your Smartphone with lots of messages and your mind will easily diverted to these and left with no creativity at the end. Excessive social networking makes you isolated from the real social life. The Addiction towards Digital Technology is a Growing & Serious Problem.
Positive relationships with parent, friends and peer groups are important to spread love and joy. Research says no one wants to be isolated, human brain becomes activated when we are at risk of being isolated. So, we always want to keep updated on social networking platforms. We always feel unsecure about we should not miss any message or post which others know. Also, we want post/share/forward something on social platforms so that the group appreciate your efforts and we feel proud and we want to do more for them.
Definitely we need a break from this virtual world. Digital fasting helps us to come out of these disorders in us.
Digital fasting or unplugging refers to voluntarily and deliberately stop using all gadgets like devices – Smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on for specific time in hours or days or in weeks.
Research shows that people on digital fasting seem to be more creative, more open in receiving and storing information. Their brain cells seem to be more active. In the case of children, digital fasting at early stages showed better stability in their emotional and mental development. They are more balanced and explore things from nature; as a result, learning skills develop at a faster rate.
People who stay on digital fasting frequently showed that they have a new and better perspective towards their career and personal life. They tend to give more importance in real life rather than reel life.

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