I have been always fascinated with one of my favourite creations ever, Humans. I know seems a bit off-putting name such spine oriented creatures but what’s in the name anyways. I remember when I made dinosaurs who seem to be all humongous, I accidentally came up with a concept called humans.I wanted to balance the world by bringing tiny stuff to neutralize a huge difference. I don’t regret the fact that I had to put down the dinosaurs coz it wouldn’t be fair if those beings still walked on the phase of the earth so as you see, I wiped them off completely by throwing a gigantic fireball at them (chuckles).I thought it might be the best way to evict them from this ball of water which I call “Earth”. Humans were the most complex lifeforms I could ever dream off. My dreams aren’t mostly sheep galloping you see.I knew that when I invented dinosaurs, I had to think at cellular level altogether ( seems a bit scientific, I know but bear with me ). I dreamt of making beings out from the tiny molecular level and shaping them up to survive this world and socialise with other beings too. It took me hours and hours of brainstorming and accidental epiphanies which finally led to this prolific creation. After all the years of knowledge and skills I had gained from my forefathers, were finally put to good use.

I had dreamt about this for too long when I created nature which was all serene, I thought why not add some other beings to interact with this coz let’s be honest, no one wants an empty lonely ground. Every creation I made had their time limit set coz I always seem to come up with new ideas like my brain was already programmed to do so and I come up with new ideas always, so here I am staring at the abyss. I see down through the clouds and I see humans maul and love each other all the same but that’s how I wanted it. The balance of this universe depends on both aspects of life. I stare down at my creations. I have to wipe them off too so that I could bring other beings to live here.

I wish I could keep them but I have to abide by the rules and regulations of how this universe should work, I have created so many wonders but the pinnacle of all these wonders would be the human race.

I draw and write which isn’t much nowadays but this world needs creativity so I am trying hard to contribute these days for a greater good .Introverted guy who seems to be aloof and adrift in this vast world seeking solace and peace.


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