That I Was A Falcon


That I was a Falcon.

I still have them,
Your gifts for me,
The first greeting you made
& 156 pictures of us .

And when I scrolled down today,
I could see one picture,
You were looking at me
Like nothing is more important.

To be frank,
I still miss you.
It’s been two years
& in your photos I still kiss you.

You’re killing me
From the inside
You’ll drive me mad one day
But I choose neither side.

And one day
I’ll see you at the book store,
We’ll be looking for the same book.
Our shoulders will collide.

And I’ll quit
So that you can take the book.
And you’ll whisper, “Thank You.”
With the same look.

The same look
Of when you thought
That I was more important
Than any expense bought.

I’ll remember the look
For the rest of my life.
Trying to figure out what went wrong
& frustrated I’ll pick up the knife.

And in the end
I’ll choose one side
Better but bitter
Than the slow suicide.

With your sweet name
On my lips
I will exit the world
Leaving some tips

Tips just saying
Love is a lucky dealt hand
That I was a Falcon
With no place to land.

A student who has just completed his matriculation. Ambivert. Musician. Way beyond my years. Traveller, writer, poet.


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