Can Elephant and Dragon Dance Together


India & China the most populated countries of the world two permeable military powers , two largest economies and yet despite long civilizational linkage. They share a cold relationship if not for occasional hot period in between. The Indian site still nurtures the psychological wound of 1962 betrayal. While Chinese remain worry of strength and capabilities of new India specially after 2000.The Chinese have obviously taken note of doklam standoff and have further increase the security dilemma between the two countries.
To manage the threats and opportunities emanating from an economically as well as militarily rising China remains perhaps the most impending foreign challenge to India .
Now China realised that India is engaging good with Russia and USA so China feels that we have to be restrain and trying to show the project itself to be closer to India in soft power .
We really have to see which opportunities we have in our anvil to imply in between .
However the strong 23 trillion Chinese economy comes with numerous opportunities for India.
We have 4000 km long border which with China however still there is knowledge and understanding of each other is rude. We have to promote people to people contact and culture . Again we have trade and Commerce the fact that we have 84 million dollar bilateral trade between each other but still India is suffering from 63 billion trade deficit with China so there is a possibility of removing this imbalance and definitely more can be done .
Managing the rise of China and deterring its unilateral aggression in the region remains a strategic glue that binds the India ,USA and other like-minded partners like Japan and Australia of the “QUAD” an informal security dialogue between the four liberal democracies in the Indo-Pacific region.
The most important factor in India’s rise, its relations with its neighbour with China, and with the United States is its economic growth, and its ability to translate this growth into power and influence. This is where India has the most work to do.
Ultimately, India is continuing to increase its presence in international affairs, and it will continue to become an ever more important player on the world stage, despite any setbacks. As its economy and military grow stronger with the foreign policy.




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