Men get sexually abused too….

  1. You read that right. Men get sexually abused too. I am speaking from experience. I have been sexually abused in my childhood from 2nd standard to 7th standard and it has taken a huge toll on my mental health. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and tourrete’s syndrome. These people do it in such a way, they groom you in such way that you think everything that is happening with you is right. You start feeling that getting abused is NORMAL.

Parents please take care. Your child’s agitated behaviour maybe trying to tell you something. Educate your son and daughter about the difference between GOOD touch and BAD touch. These sexual predators are usually the people close to you.

I still find ways to avoid confrontation with the guy who abused me. Just hearing his voice sends a shiver down my spine and I feel like there is a lump in my throat. I get anxious,nervous and agitated.

Because of this, I feel uncomfortable around men nowdays.

This got me thinking about all the brave girls out there who face these things on a daily basis. I understand that constant feeling of fear when you leave home. I know how it feels when someone touches without consent.

The mentality that women are objects to feed the lust starts from home.

Don’t ask your daughter to not go out at night. Ask your son to behave.

Don’t tell your daughter to sit properly. Ask you son to see properly.

A man who eve teases a girl in skirt,will eve tease her when she wears a saree. The problem lies in the mentality of men and not in the dressing sense of women.

Guys, just because a girl is open-minded, it doesn’t mean she is characterless. There is a huge difference. Think about it.




EVERYONE has a bit of HER.

When you rape a woman you rape everyone

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  1. What i think is….you are the bravest as you have the courage to tell this story the world. But one thing for you…dont leave that man like this..DON’T.Please come out to your parents and send that man behind the bars..he did that with you for 6 years maybe today he will be doing that with some other kid. Make him realise now who you are…and it should be him who is going to shiver instead of you. And if you dont want
    to engage in any legal things…then just collect your friends and beat him hell out.Again remember…now after those years..he should be the one shivering. DON’T LEAVE HIM!


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