There’s Still Hope

There’s Still Hope


            Chaos…… All around me, after all it was the lunch break. Having finished taking my class, I sat down on a chair in the 4th grade section I was in. All the kids were shouting and running around the class. Some were milling around in the corridors. Suddenly I heard a boy shout at somebody and I sighed. It was a sigh of disappointment that I felt towards this younger generation. One, which was wholly consumed in gadgets and smart phones, one which did not care about anything other than themselves. Perhaps expecting selflessness and kindness and sadly, discipline, from this generation has become utterly futile.

          Snapping back to reality all of a sudden, I noticed that all the children of the class had formed a rudimentary line and there, at the end was a girl, making them stand in a queue. Curious to know what was going on, I went over to them. There I saw that the girl had large containers of Bhelpuri and Sev opened up on her desk and she was giving everyone in the queue some of it. A boy was helping her to spoon the Bhelpuri and Sev in everyone’s palm and each child who got it, thanked her. The girl was also directing children who weren’t in the line to join the queue so that it would be easy for her to distribute the tasty dish.

        I was surprised and amused. I had not seen small children do anything even remotely similar to this before. I went closer to the girl and asked her what was she doing and why? And the way she answered, “My friends like Bhelpuri which my mom makes, so I bring and share it with my friends, I feel nice seeing the smile on their face.”What a reason! Simply because her mother made Bhelpuri every Saturday and that she wanted all her friends to enjoy it with her and that too with such sincerity , innocence and in such a systematic manner making sure that each and every child of the class should be able to taste it. It just made my heart melt. This small act of selflessness and sharing, shown by a girl of the same generation I was feeling hopeless about minutes before, was so unexpected and surprising.

      This child, who was just in 4th standard had displayed an act of such generosity, which even we grownups find difficult to show. She had proven that technology hadn’t completely derailed everyone from the track of moral and cultural values, especially the generation most prone to its effects. This feeling of helping others, of sharing and caring, of kindness and compassion, that I thought had deserted, was still very much alive and kicking inside , regardless of the generation we belonged to. This humanity that we were all born with was, just as vibrant and euphoric as ever. Filled with these thoughts, I returned back to my seat and as I sat there, happily watching the children laugh and eat together, I realized that there was still hope, not only for this generation, but for all others before and after it.

A passionate teacher and keen excursionist who likes to interact with people, explore nature, solicit novel ideas and is always open to new arenas of thought, action and initiative.



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