A Trip down Memory Lane


Reminiscing about all your beautiful memories is one of the quickest and most effective ways to feel ecstatic. Some might even say it’s a therapeutic way to outcast one’s misery. These memories have a mysterious way of making one feel all the emotions they had experienced at a crucial moment in their lives. It’s amazing how a recollection about a situation can still manage to make you feel like you are as close to someone or something that once had utmost importance in your life.

I still remember the first day of my college. Not only was I sitting in the wrong class but the wrong building but, this was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know this now because that classroom was the place where I met my best friend. Yep, we were both at the wrong place at the wrong time. Though it took a fairly long time for us to warm up to each other, once we started exploring our interests and our put offs we realised that we were pragmatically twins. 

From then on, it was practically impossible to separate us. The first person I noticed as soon as I walked in was suddenly obvious to everybody. Fortunately, 6 other people with the same defects were introduced to us soon enough. It was never an option to be apart. Studies turned to group studies, assignments were always done together and the most important activity, flunking lectures; was a group task now.

It is a given that our hangout spots were fixed within a couple of months (by which I mean a series of all the cafes and other hotspots of the city were tried and tested). Although, birthdays were a yearlong task and an excuse to party, well okay 8 people and 12 months, do the math. Never the less these parties soon turned to short road trips and short road trips led to long vacations. These days involved 24*7 company of all of us and accepting the not so ideal traits and tantrums. No matter what the problems were, we always found a solution together.

My biggest supporters and my favourite cheerleaders were these gems. No matter how many times they played those unbelievable pranks on me and slaughtered my reputation of a punctual and sincere student, they always made up for all of it by being themselves. I also had a fair share of tough love for getting on their nerves and being dramatic, okay I’ll accept; sometimes I was whiny as hell. In the end, they knew how to talk sense into my brain. These brats were my biggest motivation as well as my reckless critiques and I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

I cannot imagine we were strangers at a point of time and now I absolutely can’t imagine my life without them. The journey from freshers to Graduates presented so many incidents that tested our bond, it also pushed us to our breaking points a few times but those were the times that brought us closer than ever. I know it sounds a little cliché I wouldn’t change a thing from my past.

Today when I look back at the time I spent with a bunch of my friends I fall short of words to express how they mean the whole world to me. Call it destiny or a wonderful coincidence, but I found the perfect people for myself in a very short time. Now that I have a perfect mix of mischievous, cool, caring, loving, sassy and understanding specimens; I couldn’t be more grateful. I wish we continue to share the same equation we’ve always shared and grow from our mistakes.

I was fortunate enough to find the kind of company that could pull me through all the tough parts and would celebrate my achievements with an infectious enthusiasm, that’s the reason I could face any godforsaken situation with utmost confidence, as I knew my people would back me up in case I needed them. I hope everybody has this connection with someone in their life. For these are the people that make life worthwhile.

I’m a free spirit and an optimist at heart. Always in search of a new challenge. I believe every decision shapes our life so I’m trying to make sense through it all.



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