Top 7 forbidden inventions who could have change the world


We all are now evident of the statement that ‘Science has changed the world’. No doubt it is true, science has really turned life easier but there are some inventions who could have changed the world but they were lost, suppressed and forbidden. Tie your seat belts, we are ready to take off.


1. Sloot Digital Coding System

Whenever we buy new smartphone, we check that how much internal and external memory it supports. Besides having ample memory we face shortage of it. What if you could store 64 GB in 1 GB card? Jan sloot had made it possible. He was a dutch electronic technician who invented a data compression technique and demonstrated in Philips company by playing 8 full hollywood movies just in 64 kB memory card, but before handing over the source code, he died. The floppy in which he had stored source code was mysterically lost and never found. Resultantly we missed a great invention.

2. starlite

A famous chemist Maurice Ward invented a material which could withstand with very high temperature (approximately with 10000 0C) & named it as starlite. In a TV show ‘Science and Technology’ he demonstrated heating of egg covered with starlite into fire, and egg stayed safe. Starlite had a power to withstand temperature of atom bomb. Even NASA had showed interest in starlite. Maurice Ward didn’t share recipe of his secret dish to anyone and mystery retained even after his death.

3. Death Ray

Nikola Tesla was considered as one of the most underappreciated genius. His inventions were ahead of his time. His many inventions are still vital even in today’s world and many of them were forbidden. Death ray was a particle beam weapon which had ability to destroy 10,000 aircrafts from 250 miles at a time. Investors believed that it is impossible to manufacture such weapon so no investor risked to invest and it remained as a theoretical weapon.

4. Chronovisor

Father Ernetti was a church father who used to believe that luminous and voice signals are never lost and designed chronovisor machine which could display past events. He claimed that he witnessed many past events like crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Later on Father Ernetti demolished his chronovisor with help of scientists who had helped him to construct chronovisor. Many believes that there is still a chronovisor exists in Vatican city while others believe it is a hoax.

5. Cloud Buster

Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich designed a machine who used to manipulate atmospheric energy. He demonstrated cloud buster on request of two farmers in 1953 who brought rains. After that no demonstration took place because he was imprisoned by FDA and his cloud buster was demolished. He passed in his jail. Some people says that his invention was suppressed due to pressure of rich countries because cloud buster could have permanently solved problem of food in poor countries.

6. Water Powered Vehicles

American inventor Stanley Meyer claimed that he had invented a car which is fueled by water. He studied fuel cell mechanism which uses electrolysis principle of water. This invention could save lot of energy and fossil fuels and save us from pollution also. Stanley had patented his inventions but on 21 March 1998 Stanley passed away after dinner. People conspired that oil companies poisoned Stanley because he knew how to convert water into fuel. This revolutionary invention was also forbidden.

7. Rife Machines

In 1933 american scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented an audio frequency device which were to be used to send frequencies in patient’s body to kill microorganisms related to cancer.His research stated that every harmful microorganism in body is associated with a particular electromagnetic frequency and sending those frequency can kill the bacterias permanently. At first he tested his device to cure animals and later for mankind. According to team of physicians who monitored; declared that 14 out of 16 patients were cured completely within 70 days and other 2 took 20 days more. His devices were rejected by panel of scientists for humanity issues, whereas Rife stated that his machines was disapproved because panel scientists were bribed and brainwashed, hence we failed to see Rife’s machines as a medical practice to cure cancer.


In the end as science enthusiasts we respect them, their knowledge, efforts & intelligence. They will always be remembered as one of the greatest.

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