Life at it’s smallest

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” Expectations outweigh your ambition ”

Social animals like us, long for so many long term goals that we tend forget and cherish all those small happiness that comes in our path.We rarely acknowledge rare moments that gave us an inexplicable experience which we couldn’t put it in words .We seldom appreciate the air we breathe , the life that so graciously was given to us and the talent which we think we don’t deserve .People surrounding us think that we have to climb up the social ladder like it’s what we were programmed to do from the beginnings of our birth .Why can’t we live life in our own terms? why can’t we just remove the burden that our parents tend to unconsciously put on us? It all depends on the socialization. I remember I was just sitting on the corner of a hotel and saw every other person who were waiting for their turn to eat food shoved their heads up in mobile .I felt like they were all cold creatures who have lost the meaning of being humane , I felt panic stricken for the fact that where are we really heading with this ?

Even a small ” hi , how are you?” can make someone’s day if you look them in the eye and greet them well .I see creatures who are totally engulfed in some virtual world that doesn’t deserve their attention but rather is making them slowly slip into a nightmare of hopelessness .If you can’t value small term happiness, how can you value when something humongous comes your way ? If you can’t value your small achievement, how will you stay grounded when you achieve something bigger in life ? .

Heath ledger , a renowed actor once said “Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married, or own a house as if life was some kind of grocery list. But no one ever asks you if you are happy”.This is the most realistic quote you ‘ll ever come across so it’s true to what we are facing. All we want nowadays is to make everyone else happy but we forget what really makes us happy.A beggars smile when you give him money and he in turn blesses you with good words will make your day, if you help a person out and he returns it by saying thank you will turn your day into a bliss. Never forget to embrace the small things that make you go crazy and stick to it always no matter what life throws on you .You will find yourself in a grave anytime soon so if you be kind and be helpful.Talk to strangers , know their experiences and ask them how their day is going and who knows you might make their day as well as you might learn something new in the process .Be open to new things and you shall find your path a little bit hassle free !!.

I want to dedicate this to someone who put this in my mind coz without her ideology this would have never come across my mind .

I draw and write which isn’t much nowadays but this world needs creativity so I am trying hard to contribute these days for a greater good .Introverted guy who seems to be aloof and adrift in this vast world seeking solace and peace.


  1. My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was once totally right. This put up truly made my day. You can not consider simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  2. Loved reading this, you did a remarkable job with your pen. Artist and a writer, huh? Hold your head and pen high.


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