Discover the magic spark in your own self

Source : Booknvolume

Ever imagined your life as sequel of some movie?
Where everything just falls into place, where superheroes where’s capes and love stories would be for forever. How magical would that be right? Where feelings, emotions didn’t feel real and we all will wait, for our one perfect fairy tale love story to come true and if there would be any problems then superheroes are the one to the rescue. This sounds good right? Did you thought that reality is also not even that hard, the producers who make movies are the stories which comes from real life and it only depends on us how we imagine our story to be. Every day brings something different it can be more smiles, laughter or even sadness. Now, you have to imagine how you see world around you. Obviously, there won’t be superheroes with capes but there are superheroes without capes there aren’t supposed to be perfect love stories all the time. But, there are imperfect stories which sounds perfect now. Everything is magical if you look closely into the world where nothing stops everything changes rapidly, you will discover the undiscovered and make your all the journeys a memorable one whether the journey is small or long it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter in the end is how you choose to see thing’s.

Person who has a lot of imagination in her head, and look at a world in a magical way because why not? Nothing is permanent though!



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