Top 5 mind-boggling websites!


Internet never fails to amaze us with the exciting stuff it offers daily, whether it is the information source, videos, updates or the websites. Do you know, according to a survey by Netcraft in 2012,  140,000 websites are launched per day! This count must have been increased by now!

A website is a collection of information loaded web pages which are related to each other, located under a single domain name. There are a million websites on the internet which we may not be knowing!

Here are some of the amazing websites which will be helpful for you in some or the other way.


This website allows you to send yourself an email in the future, all you need to do is to write an email and give a specific date (future) on which you want to receive that email.

This can be a self-gifted memento to yourself. We never know what the future will be like, reading an old memory or just a motivated quotation will definitely bring a smile to our self.

You can remind yourself of the important lessons you learned and how you have achieved things in your life to get stick to the roots always. It’s a surprisingly effective method of reminding yourself of what is important to you.




This is the website which will let you feel that you are one of the best coders! This will fill your browser window to a hacker mode window allowing you to write a code for whatever key you press! This website is the best way to prank your friends by showing your “fake coding skills”!

Well, becoming a pro in coding is not as easy as ABC! But this website will make you one!

Cheat: hit the alt  key three times to be rewarded with an “ACCESS GRANTED.”



Those for whom maths is not a very good friend, this website will help you to solve the math problems stepwise within seconds. Mathway is the world’s number 1 website for problem-solving. From a simple quadratic equation to the complexity of the calculus, Mathway is a treasure for the ‘not so good friends ’ of mathematics.

The step-by-step directions provided by the website helps students to understand the subject better. It also provides the application box wherein the explanation of each step is given methodically.



This is the website which you should definitely bookmarker. This website allows you to check if your personal data and emails are leaked in any way or have been compromised by data breaches.

A breach is an act where the data on a site is illegally accessed by the hacker which can be released publically. It is a useful way by which you can make sure about the privacy of your passwords and the mail id. If in case your account is found to be on the list, then it simply gives you an option to change the password to secure the account.



GTmetrix will help you to understand the insights about a particular website. This website is basically used to improve the WordPress performance. The general analysis of your WordPress dashboard will help you to improve and optimize it for grabbing more traffic to your website.

It grades your website on the basis of its speed, Timeline, history and the quality of images you use for enhancement.

This website will give you a true review and rate the parameters on the scale of high, medium and low.

Just copy the URL of your website and paste it into the bar line of GTmetrix home page, the rest of the work will be done by GTmetrix!


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