The most awaited season after the sweltering summer has arrived. Most of the people in our city love monsoon season. It brings a huge relief after the famous Nagpur summer , people just love to go for long drives or get wet in the relaxing rains. But one thing which most of us crave for during monsoon is food. We love to have something cold and refreshing during summer but during monsoon Deep fried , piping hot and spicy food is the most preferred food.


Here’s a list of some food items which you can have during monsoon:-



The 1st thing which comes in our mind when it rains is pakore or bhaje, One of the best comfort food. The deep fried crispy snack is loved by almost everyone. My personal favourite place for moong pakoras or bread pakoras during monsoon is SANTOSH PAKOREWALA or kanda bhaje made by my mom.




Bhutta is one of the best accompaniment for you monsoon long drives with your family or your loved ones. Nothing can beat the combination of rains , bhutta and long drives. I think most of the people reading this article have some memories with bhutta ,rains and long drives. When the bhutta wala bhaiyya applies large amount of butter , some green chutney , salt and lemon while roasting it on coal the site is just relishing. You can get bhuttas near VNIT during monsoon.




People who love deep fried snacks with sweet and spicy chutney ,this is the perfect snack for you. The crispy hot wada placed between perfectly grilled pav with some tamarind and spicy green chutney(mouth watering) is the dish to crave for during monsoon. GHUGRE NASHTA PT. AND GURUKRUPA near mate sq. are my favourite when it comes to wada pav.




The most famous deep fried snack in Nagpur is also one of the most preferred snacks during monsoon. This deep fried snack goes well with lot of items like chole , dahi , kadhi , spicy chutney , tamarind chutney , saoji tarri or tomato sauce. You can read or article for the best samosa places in Nagpur.




A very few people exist who don’t love potato. Aloo tikki is one of the most loved forms of potato. Watching the process of making tikki is a joy, the boiled potatoes are shaped in form of a circular tikki and then they are deep fried. The tikki is then topped with spicy choley , curd , chutneys and lots of onions. This is the perfect taste bomb to have during monsoon. BOMBAY CHAT CENTRE in pratap nagar serves very delicious aloo tikki.




The ultimate thing which everyone want during monsoon is a hot cup of tea or coffee. All the above mentioned snacks are incomplete without a hot cup of tea or coffee. If you want to have tea or coffee outside somewhere while it is raining just visit the famous chai tapris of Nagpur. They also serve hot snacks to accompany with your tea or coffee. The joy of drinking hot tea with some crispy snacks while chit chatting with your friends while it is raining is on another level.

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