We as kids !


It was my birthday a few months ago when my father gifted me my childhood picture. That very moment was enough to trigger my childhood memories and I suddenly realized how much I miss those old days. Whether it be the first bicycle ride or the cute birthday parties or playing mindless games with my little friends!

It doesn’t matter how old we get, these precious, sweet memories will never be erased from our minds. One can keep running with them for life. There was always something dreamy about those days which today I find missing.

We use to carry so much of innocence, curiosity, trust, and enthusiasm.
Childhood will always be a fond memory for us. They make us feel nostalgic. As we grow up our life changes upside down. Each thing we use to consider magical turns into fierce reality and we have no choice but to accept it.

Those memories may fade away with time, but a sudden thought, a song, a situation will be enough to apprise a particular memory which we once had lived.

It’s saddening that we can’t go back to those amazing days, but we can cherish these memories forever!

Happy weekend friends!

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