5 Myths about staying away from Home!

  1. You are spoiled!

This is the most common myth, which people think about anyone who stays away from home. People think that you a are free bird who can party like hell anywhere, are exposed to drugs, or have multiple relationships etc. But this is not so. It’s all about making choices. Living in a hostel or PG has a different fun element and since out station students miss out on the homeliness, they need their own ways of making the experience of living special.

2. You end up eating unhygienic food

At start, people eat a lot junk food not having any fear of their parents scolding them. But soon people get tired of outside food. Actually staying away from home makes for one of the best cooks you can ever imagine becoming. Missing home and homemade food pushes you to cook and experiment on your own and once you have your mission accomplished, there’s no greater joy than that!


3. You miss home

People often judge you home sick and scared when you end up in a new city. But in reality people end up being really strong in handling all the obstacles. When it comes missing our home it is actually both ways. When you are home, you end up missing your hostel. After spending a year or two living and sharing with people who were once alien to you, you develop a bond that lasts for a lifetime.

4. You are broke, messy and unorganized

When we spend time with our family we are carefree spend carelessly, stay messy. However, it’s just the opposite. You actually learn to live on your own. With always being low on cash, you learn to manage your finances and since you’re living in a communal environment, you actually develop the skill of cooperating with your peers.

messy life

5. You have bunch of cool friends

Its actually difficult to start living in a different city adapting its culture and life. People have contrasting behavior, which will not match at all with the friends they earlier had. Some people are lucky enough of getting a good company of friends. However, mostly people end up missing their old school companions in their professional work life.

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