He wished him Happy Father’s Day .


A blissful Sunday morning , a cup of hot strong coffee at a table next to my rocker chair , on the 12th floor of the building , I was enjoying the mesmerizing view of waves gently kissing the shores . What would be better than this to start a Sunday !
Just when the door bell rang . Looking through the door hole I wouldn’t figure to whom I was looking at !
I opened the door,  my mind trying to search the faces of people in the drawers of my memory who could disturb my Sunday morning .

That wasn’t the milk man, neither the paper boy nor the garbage picker.

I opened the door, “Mr. Johnson, am I right?” , he asked me.

“Yes, I’m . How do you know me”, I asked furiously.
He addressed himself as my son’s colleague. I got him inside  and made him comfortable.
“So what brings you here Alex ? ”

He handed me a box, a beautiful and insanely creative box that had my name written in golden ink  . I got  anxious to see what was inside. He kept mum for a while .  I  kept staring at the box as if  it will get unpacked by magic.

“Open the box Mr. Johnson”. His words made me come back out of  the oblivion.

I opened the box and what I saw inside got me frozen. The volcano of emotions started erupting  out of my eyes. The box had the pictures and stuff of my late son whom I had lost of cancer a few years back.

It had a letter inside . I couldn’t control myself from crying and I rushed to read the letter .


You must be wondering why have I sent you this box out of the blue.  But  today  is  the perfect day to present you this box. I was looking forward for this day as it’s birthday and it’s FATHER’S DAY too, but unfortunately I am not with you today. I left you alone in the way Dad , but never think I’m not with you , I’m there in your heart forever.

I was knowing I will not be there with you on your special day , so I  had asked my friend Alex to give this possession on my behalf. This box was waiting for you from last four years Dad.

Love you’

I could feel his presence around me as he wished me HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.


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