Shell Seller


Dancing on the fresh morning sand, with tiny tanned hands, she picks up the shells on the shore

Humming a random tune, with eyes wide open she sings the total score.

Dawn to dusk she gathers all the beautiful shells.

She weaves them to her chains and bangles and some to the door bells.

Sorting out the best ones, she wishes for more to keep them for sale.

But feels sorry for that, as every shell has a death tale.

Looking at the shells, “being thankful is what I can do”, she says.

“You die to make my living”, she cries.

Ships to the harbor, anchors to the shore, this is what she waits for all day.

Just to rest on the shore, watch the stars and listen to the sea sounds of grey.

Love for the sea and the sky she lived the same life all her 10 years.

Until one night she saw a huge snail struggle for life under the anchor.

Holding the weight of the anchor on its shell and fighting with vigor.

With a heart of empathy, she ran to the snail.

With the tender hands and a wish on her lips, she bought it by trail.

“It is the shell that protected the snail from danger, ” She told to herself.

And then she knew it, the purpose, as a shell seller “I spread strength to every corner.”

And from then on,

Painting the shells with symbols of strength,

she sold them by the shore length.

And that moment they promised friendship in each other’s heart,

radiating a hope of never moving apart.

The snail and the girl built sand castles together.

Gazed at the stars and wished their friendship forever.

Together, every moment was a celebration.

Gathering the best colors she has, she painted on the snail’s shell.

The snail stood in patience for the girl till the sky turned dull.

At the end of the day, she couldn’t believe her eyes, for the best thing she has ever done.

Blues of the sky and sea, glitters of the stars and waves, the beauty of love, she painted on the shell that can never shun.

With the colors of cosmic on its shell, the snail walked with reverence.

With the beauty of the world, they walked together for hours in silence.

Just to walk beside it, the girl walked as slow as the snail did.

Bliss of their togetherness made all the hate in the world rid.

Until one day a heavy tide wiped the snail away into the sea;

while they are gazing the boundless stars of the night with gee.

Everything happened in a flash of a wink.

Unable to believe the truth, she wished what just happened to be false.

She found the world empty in a moment.

She cursed the violent tides

for the way, it took her friend with its slides.

Tears falling from her cheeks she built sand castles every night.

And wait for the snail to be the king in the castle of might.

“But my friend went to where it belong” she feels happy.

“My search continues for the shells, this is my destiny”, she says to herself.

On the daybreak, when the tender sun was signing in its reflection on the still sea,

she found a big shell painted blue and glittered stars with her name written on it, on the shore.

It didn’t take her even a moment to recognize her friend, but this time… dead;!

Her heart started to bleed with grief.

She wept and wept.

She weaved the shell to her chain and carried it where ever she goes.

But life was not the same, distress made her world freeze.

Circled with the memories of her mate she moved with a nostalgic swag.

Painting strength all day on the shells to sell them, she was in a grief clog.

The stars didn’t seem dazzling when she rested on the shore.

She couldn’t dance for the music of the tides anymore.

Blurred with eyes of tears, she forgot to see the beauty of the world.

Sitting on the shore she stared at the waves of mystery curled.

In the twilight, “what’s the issue dear?” asked her grandfather.

Placing his wrinkled arm on her tender shoulder.

She couldn’t resist anymore,

Tears rolled down her cheeks,

She cried her heart out for her lost friend.

Smiling at her “You lose your friend when you forget the lesson he taught you” he says.

“The lesson of strength and to be strong enough to fight for life” he slowly whispers.

“The day you forget this he dies, ” he says and he walks to the shells to sell them.

With minutes of silence in her heart, staring at the sea she wipes her tears,

she stands up holding the shell in her hand,

swinging her wavy gown and dancing through the sand,

she starts collecting the shells to be strong spread strength.

And to make her friend live till she dies.

Portraying thoughts is a hobby, Rendering them in words is art,
But The principle of true art is not to portray,but to evoke
I am in my way of indulging myself into this and of course love to
promulgate them.A girl in search of real satisfaction.


  1. Beautifully portrayed with emotional part of the context standing out .Last line was melancholic and tugged my heart strings .You outdid yourself this time .


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