Hey guys we are starting a new series from today “NEW PLACE ALERTS”. In the next few articles we’ll tell you about some new and recently open places in Nagpur. To stay updated about the new places in Nagpur keep checking our new articles regularly

Here’s our 1st article:-

source: instagram



This is one of the newly opened places in Nagpur. Situated on Wardha road, this garden restaurant ticks all the current trends. Fancy interior & good food. As the name suggests the restaurant has a bamboo theme and the interiors are very well done. They have a huge variety in their menu and the food is very tasty. Definitely a must visit place.

source: instagram



If you want to enjoy a nice long drive with your friends , family or loved ones followed by nice dinner then this is the place for you. Situated on Amravati road this is one of those fancy new places in Nagpur. If you love to hear music while having some good food then this is the perfect place for you. They have music nights on weekends , you can follow their instagram page for more details about the music nights. The place has a very nice décor and food is also tasty.


Both the new places are a perfect destination to go for a romantic date with your loved one and spend some quality time with good food.




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