The wrong path can sometimes lead you to the best destination !


I halted for a while at a point where I could not spot anyone. I thought I might have taken a wrong turn. Looking back I saw the horizon miles away from me , ‘may  be that’s from where I had  began’, I gestured.
There were a million grounds of going back and  to join the path which my mates had chosen. But just a reason for continuing on the road I was on,  and that was because I had chosen that path for myself.

Pain , sadness , stress , frustration , anger and all the ill feeling were my friends for a while till the time I realized that these temporary associates should never make a difference in my life . Those things weren’t enough strong to break my aura, and that’s what always gave me power .

Was I out of my mind ?

Yes, I was. But , rather than being out of my mind, I was thinking out of the box which made me hold the top position at the summit . Looking back again  , I couldn’t witness anyone with me . I was alone , but I was the winner.

Eventually others who ought to be more promising than me were delighted by the tiny summits they achieved and I was glad I haven’t chosen the same path they did as I could see them from the top where I was, alone , but happy.

Choosing a wrong path can sometimes lead  you to the best position where you can be . It’s totally up to you how you make the circumstances turn to your side rather than crying over the spilled milk .

Have a happy weekend readers.

I’m a simple version of a complex thing .
Your mind is my thought.
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