A day in the temple


I remember travelling to a temple in the outskirts of Chennai, near Andhra Pradesh. I had a sudden epiphany of so many things while I immersed myself in the on going adventure completely that I lost the track of time and for once I wasn’t procrastinating( which seems like a hard hobby to forget let alone leave it ).I noticed so many anomalies as well as god honest truth too( I need to stop inducing puns ) .I remember there were long queues for seeing a deity which had people from all over the South rummaging their way to see the powerful stone carved in a closed space .I saw a lot of people spending money to see god , I mean why would a creator want someone to see him or her by bribing their way in .I sat their confused and intrigued.

I started to contemplate and defy my own notion on god .I saw people taking shortcuts or VVIPS( that’s what you call a person who has more than enough money to see a deity ).Then , I sat in a corner .I was calm and composed as buddha and started noticing every tiny detail , the world has to offer in a confined space called ” temple ” . I saw monkeys juggling their way to snatch food items from people and creating a chaos wherever they go .I saw people leading their busy lives , wandering here and there with their kids up top.I always felt like temples were place for peace but I felt claustrophobic somehow .

I sat there for hours , seeing people crawling their way in through money and the so called “priests ” who perform rituals begging for money too which was quite astonishing to me .I started to realise ,I had grasped so much out of that small window . I can visualise it so vividly. A temple is a holy place , don’t bribe your way in and don’t poison a sacred place with money .Busy and luxurious people tend to overlook so many things that they are blinded by the very existence of something pure and harmonious.

I draw and write which isn’t much nowadays but this world needs creativity so I am trying hard to contribute these days for a greater good .Introverted guy who seems to be aloof and adrift in this vast world seeking solace and peace.



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