Here are 5 places in Nagpur for nice freakshakes!!!

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According to the current trends people are attracted towards places where food is served in a unique way. Not only foodies but everyone loves to eat the food when it is plated attractively. When it comes to shakes, freak shakes are eyecandy. They look so colorfully pleasant that you almost ditch that idea of ‘oh, so much of calories!’ and you just feel like having them whenever you see a picture or even think about it. Freakshakes can be made with multiple combinations and they almost taste heavenly in every combination.

Here is a list of 5 places where you can get nice freakshakes in Nagpur:-

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This café is amongst the first few cafes which started serving freak shakes in Nagpur. Situated at nelson square, this is a very small place which serves fantastic freakshakes. The freakshakes over here are to die for. This is my favourite place in Nagpur to have freakshakes. JD’S is also famous for other dessert items.

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2)HOC(House of caffeine):-

Situated near 8 rasta square , it’s a very nice café. The freakshakes here are quite cheap and they have a wide variety of freakshakes in their menu. This place is very famous amongst the youth and they also serve very nice snacks.

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This café is situated in Zal complex , Residency road Sadar. This is a very nice café to hangout with your friends or loved ones. The ambience of this café is very nice and they have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. They serve very nice, attractive and most importantly , very tasty freakshakes. This café is also very famous for their delicious chicken steak and tandoori momos .

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This is amongst the most famous places in Nagpur to hangout. The place has very nice ambience and this place also has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. This place is slightly on the expensive side. They serve very nice freakshakes. They also have a unique menu and food here is very delicious. This place is situated in Shivaji nagar.


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Situated in Laxmi Nagar beside Pizza hut this is a very nice café. They have a nice décor , indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. They serve good freakshakes . This café has a vry big menu. White sauce pasta in this café is a must try.

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