Feel it, love it, write it : HAND LETTERING


Will it make you go furious if I tell you that your handwriting is an art !
There is a field named as hand lettering which lights the beauty of handwriting. Hand lettering have taken the world by storm.

Rather than just letters, hand lettering involves the gorgeous blend of shapes, floral designs and textures. Lettering is a piece of art that invokes emotions, happiness, joy ,love and nostalgia.
The feeling and behaviour can be portrayed by lettering.
By adopting the practice of lettering one can feel the positive vibes  , he can let his feelings out by the stroke of the letters.
It is so unique that each time you start writing, you’ll always come up with a different style. There are N  number of inspiration around you which can contribute to  lettering. The vintage charm,  the beauty of water  colours  and the pure nature. Hand lettering has spread it’s arms to almost every aspect. You simply cannot ignore the charm of hand lettering. It have no set of rules and no boundaries . It totally depends on you .

Lettering reflects your personality and thoughts. This is a new stress buster. Your tensions and stress can flow away with the strokes of your brush and you can feel relaxed. You necessarily don’t need to have good handwriting for pursuing hand lettering. You need not to be a skilled artist.

Hand lettering have a deep valley. The array of hand lettering remains relevant and ready for the new generation to  explore . This is a never ending act. Lettering is a contemporary way of writing which is not only about letters, its’ much more than that.

Ending on this note, I would like to add that no one have bad had writing, it’s their own font !

I’m a simple version of a complex thing .
Your mind is my thought.
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