Signs of depression


1. Loss of appetite / excessive eating

According to psychology, people who are slightly depressed might over-eat and just like you can’t find
answers at the bottom of the glass, you won’t find any answers at the bottom of that ice-cream bowl
either! However, people with severe depression will stop eating altogether because they will not feel the
need to remain fit.
Quoting Friends, “Mon, easy on those cookies, okay? Remember, they’re just food, they’re not love.”

2. Sudden changes in energy levels

This is another red flag which should not be ignored. Depression will affect your energy levels, and
people with severe depression, are likely to be suicidal. And some people might show an increase in their
energy levels having found the ‘escape’, while some people will show a tremendous collapse in level of

3. Loss of sleep / over sleeping

Depressed people tend to over-think, which leads to insomnia. And while some people have a difficult
time sleeping, some people perceive sleep as a way to escape reality. Again, there is not a clear distinction
between the two; however, generally, people with severe depression are more likely to be insomniacs.

4. Constantly feeling alone

Even with a horde of people, they feel there is nobody who sees them. This is the most common symptom
of depression. But, today, it is so common, owing to the social media pressure, and the constant need to
get approval, that even normal human beings tend to feel alone.

5. Disregard to communicate feelings

Depressed people are often hell bent and won't budge from thinking, “Nobody understands me.” Staying
alone with their thoughts, rather than inviting people to peek-in, seems like a better option.

6. No longer enjoying hobbies

Be it reading or singing or dancing, but people with depression might see their passions fading. This is
another common symptom.

7. Staying put all day, but never finding time

Their mind state is stagnant now. This stage seems relentlessly on-going. Miraculously, they make it to
the end of the day, without actually doing anything- just waiting for a good night’s sleep. And although
they spend days doing nothing, they never find any time for hobbies or for meeting people.

8. Often wondering about death

Let’s be honest, most of us have thought about our own deaths. But people with depression, on a regular
basis keep speculating whether people around them will miss them when they’re gone; would their
absence make a difference? They cogitate about after-life and whether they’d still feel the same pain they
feel now.

9. Motivational videos / books / speeches have failed to have an effect

These things no longer matter. They completely believe that nobody can help them, but themselves. And
such people, will more often than not, affix into their minds that they’re not ready for help; are not ready
to get better. They want to suffer still.
Here is the thing about depressed people- pain and sadness has become their reality, and they really want
to suffer. It’s like a comfort zone for them, and we all know what begins at the end of our comfort zones,
don’t we? So just like normal people hesitate to step out of their comfort zone, so do the depressed

10. Only and only they know that they are depressed inside

Some might put on a mask of happiness, charade smiles, and be as normal as they can, so much so that
nobody notices anything wrong. This is a difficult symptom to spot, as there are people who might fake
being depressed just to get out of doing something. Some people might even convince others that they’re
fine; as they have now mastered the art of hiding how they feel and concealing emotions, but deep down
only they know the fall they've had.
Only a person in depression truly knows what depression is.

Civil engineer by day, renegade writer by night.
Sounds fun? It is! Writing is in my blood and is my way of meditation. I believe that there is an artist in all of us, regardless of what we do.I may not be the best writer, but some day, some where, my writings will find you and when they do, I hope you find what you were looking for.I also truly believe that when you write, you give others the courage to think differently.



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