The inevitable “life and death”

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One day ,you’ll leave this world and everything will return to normalcy, the Life that so graciously you admired would be taken from you right in front of you and you could do nothing about it .Your life would be on equilibrium and the journey you travelled from birth to death would either be astonishing or heart wrecking , your cells would eventually die and can’t sustain anymore but your mind had registered so many memories which you might have taken to the grave or spilled it out like the vase that was holding water which you accidentally broke .

People who said they’ll be with you never really meant that and moved on even after you left and there will be just a few places where your memory will be etched .You take heavy blows , go through hardships at the end just to meet your inevitable end .You mind started to contemplate so many things but in the end it just started playing every other flash back memories you stacked up this far .

Life and death are two faces of a same coin and you need to accept it , Oh gracious stranger .

I draw and write which isn’t much nowadays but this world needs creativity so I am trying hard to contribute these days for a greater good .Introverted guy who seems to be aloof and adrift in this vast world seeking solace and peace.



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