10 places to visit in Nagpur !



If we look beyond the popular commercialized destination, there are many beautiful locations around Nagpur where we can spend our day with our family and friends . Rather than going heavy on your pockets here are some one day trip spots where you can enjoy a lot and also have a great time.


Distance: 34km

Duration: 1:15 hours
This fort is one of the historic beauty of Vidarbha , having great potential to attract tourists, Nagardhan fort stands firm giving a sense of heritage. It is recently renovated which adds the glory to the fort . Built by the Gond Ruler Bakht Buland in the early 18th century will surely give you a wonderful experience visiting it.




Duration: 2:15 hours
This site is almost 1200 years old. Having a collection of temples of Lord Shiva, this place will make you spellbound by the beautiful carving of animals, Gods and various amazing patterns . Markanda is many of the hidden gems of central India . The best time to visit the temple is during Maha Shivratri , when the beauty of the temple is enhanced to another level.




Duration :45 minutes

For those of you who loves jungle safari, the nearest sanctuary is the Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary. Spotting animals like deer , bison ,wild boar, leopard are very common in the region, but the tigers of the area will always steal the limelight. As compared with the past few years, the population of tigers had increased in the sanctuary . There are various beautiful, colourful and melodious birds in the area. The biodiversity of the jungle is commendable. You can get amazing captures of animals in their natural habitat.




Duration:45 minutes
Who doesn’t know about this place ! The thrilling water slides , the adventurous rides , the wave pool, the fountains and the rain DJ , what else do you need for a perfect holiday.!! There is the facility of locker for the safety of your money and valuables which you can’t carry inside the park. Weekends are usually crowded. The rides are available for a  certain time duration.  So it is recommended to visit the place in the morning hours. Altogether a great place for hanging out with friends and family.




Distance:30 kms

Duration: 26 minutes
The place offers great scenic view, away from the hustle of city noise. The pleasant winds , the stillness of the lake and the chirping of birds will make you feel calm and peaceful. Recently started with safari  , one can sight deer, peacock, wild boar  and leopards too! Excellent   place for bird  watching. If you happen to be a nature lover, this place is highly recommended for you. Outstretched in 945 hectares, the place is better known as The Gorewada Biodiversity Park.






Duration: 1:55 hours
A great place for family get together and picnic happens to be Rawanwadi. Around 90kms from Nagpur, a short drive of 2 hours and you’ll find yourself at a place which will be a treat to your eyes. One can enjoy outdoor games, boating and even fishing near the water body. An amazing place to enjoy a sunset, one must visit the Rawanwadi Dam.






Duration:1:24  hours

Just 65 kms from Nagpur a small forest with amazing animal sighting is the Bor wildlife. A wide range of flora and fauna can be seen in the area. Pre booking of the safari is recommended as they allow less number of safari vehicles inside the jungle. It seems to be one of the upcoming ecotourism spot to enjoy the nature, landscapes and the wildlife . Not far away is a dam , Bordharan which can be a good picnic spot.






Duration: 3 hours
You’ll get blown away by this gorgeous park ! This is one of the most famous tiger reserve . It is home to a wide variety of animals , plants and birds . Nothing to dislike and a plenty to enjoy ! Booking a morning safari will increase the chances for spotting the big cats.
The regular animal sighting is frequent.
The park rangers, guides and the drivers are very thoughtful and caring about the welfare of the animals. Pench is beautiful and definitely worth a visit.






Duration:1:27 hours
Just an hour and a half drive from Nagpur,
the divine temple with lot of monkeys around. Be aware of these nasty little fellows as they can grab your food out of a surprise! It is advisable to climb up to the temple to enjoy the mesmerizing sights of the locality. This historic temple is definitely worth a visit. Ramtek is the best place for a day long trip.



Distance:125 kms

Duration:2:35 hours
Finally but importantly the beautiful hidden wildlife sanctuary is situated 119 kms from Nagpur would take around 2:35 hours to reach. The calm and quiet sanctuary is the largest biological park in Maharashtra. It is better to book the slots online as you may get a chance to stay in the core of the jungle. Though the tigers are rarely seen, the jungle is enough to amaze you. The speciality of the park being, there are neither artificial light nor electricity ! Instead, lanterns are provided in the guest houses at  the evenings.
You can go with your own vehicle to the safari costing 50/- for the car and 20/- for each person. Nagzira have its own charm and beauty.
This is among the places you will cherish for life.



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