10 types of content that crazily works on Instagram!


Instagram had more than 700 million users and an enormous 80% of those 700 million users followed at least one brand. Instagram even beats Facebook and other social media platforms when it comes to visual content. It’s a great platform to create online business, earn money through your hobby, and become an influencer or getting entertained. What exactly are the content types that you should be posting? That’s what this post aims to answer. Below are examples of posts that typically do well on Instagram. Go through them and see if you can incorporate them into your Instagram posts or Stories.

Inspirational Quotes:

Using Social media especially scrolling through the Instagram posts has become a routine for everyone. It’s a way of passing your time while you are travelling for your work or taking short break between the tasks. That’s where the inspirational quotes attract people to get some motivation. There is something about quotes that get people excited. They give them that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that inspires them to take action and kick start their dreams.

Beautiful Spaces:

Images of great-looking places are a huge hit on Instagram. Trending cafes, restaurants and hang out places attract people the most. It creates an urge amongst the audience and actually visit such places. That’s why business target Instagram for promotions. Also people love to share their status and place where they are spending their time. Also images of beautiful landscapes and sceneries worldwide are popular on Instagram.


There are numerous kinds of fashion bloggers present on Instagram. #OOTD Outfit of the day is the most commonly used hashtag in the name of fashion on Instagram. People experiment new trends in fashion and boldly present it into their posts, they follow celebrities who influence them by their trendsetting wardrobe. People also give suggestions on how to wear/what to wear which prove really helpful for normal people who aspire to be trendy every day.


Who doesn’t love food pictures? People nowadays have become extremely creative in showing food recipes and garnishing the same beautifully in their posts.  Great looking food is something we can all relate to, so it’s no surprise that it is one of the top performers when it comes to visual content on Instagram.


Why we use social media? To divert ourselves from our boring work or studies or to get entertained. Memes, trolls on the trending topics are the most shared content on Instagram. People tag each other on the relatable posts and enjoy sharing with everyone.  Now a days along with memes, comics are also getting very popular on Instagram.

Daily hashtags:

Have you ever been scrambling for an Instagram post idea when you suddenly realize it’s Thursday? With the mega-popular #tbt (Throwback Thursday) hashtag, you instantly have a post idea. Some popular Instagram hashtags are #love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #nofilter #followme


User-generated content:

Have you seen how brands create contests for promotion of their products? Or engage their audience by asking them questions/suggestions suitable for their product? Brands want to involve their customers into their brand for predicting their needs and rightly to meet their requirements. People also enjoy this special treatment given to them as they feel more connected to the brand. @zomato, @souledstore, @filtercopy does a great job in engaging people through their posts.


Art and Craft:

Creative art work, paintings and DIY hacks are extremely favoured content on Instagram. Recently people show 5 min craft and do it yourself ideas which grab attention of audience for a while. These hacks are not very hard to adapt as they are mostly used from homemade stuff which is readily available for everyone.

Video Content:

People like to watch more than read or scroll posts. Video content is the most popular form of content on Instagram. Be it Musically videos, DIY posts, trending news or movie scenes. Such type of content is being shared like wildfire on Instagram.


Pet lovers? People are crazy for animals. People are very innovative in creating cute and funny animal posts. Do you ever wonder why jumping cat videos get shared like crazy on just about any social platform? The world is full of animal lovers, and visual content that taps into that raw emotion can go viral in a heartbeat.

Instagram is an awesome place to share, explore and produce awesome content. Hope from the above ideas you also can create amazing stuff on it. Share with us what all type of content we missed that you think is popular on #Instagram.


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