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Few days before, I overheard a conversation while waiting for bus. The conversation was going in between a teenager and his father. The teenager was explaining his father about development in science and technology and how the science turned life easier. I was fully impressed by his word and agree too because science has changed our lives in true sense, at the same moment his father interrupted him and told him demerits of technology on the base of his spiritual views and ancient inventions. It seemed that his father has deep knowledge of spirituality.

The discussion was science versus spirituality; and I couldn’t decide whether who is right and who is wrong? I left the stop but still the thought stuck into my mind whether science is superior or spirituality? I decided to continue the war of thoughts, to win any one out of science and spirituality. When I was gathering information, I came to know that NASA has recorded the sound waves which are emitted by sun and the sound matches with Om. The Om hymn has been given much importance in Indian spirituality since thousands of years. What spirituality worshiped from thousands of years, science discovered that thing just a few months ago.

In a video it was conveyed that many pillars like Ashoka-pillar are rustproof and it doesn’t have caught rust because the iron extracted by those people was pure. We are still unable to obtain pure iron even at this stage. In ancient literature there was a protocol named Katapayadi numbers in which a particular letter was assigned by particular no. for i.e. क, ट, प, य =1 . If we substitute the numbers in following shloka-

 गोपीभाग्यमधुव्रात-श्रुग्ङिशोदधिसन्धिग ॥
 खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर ॥

We get value of pi up to 30 decimals. This shows our wealth is maths as well as encryption also Katapayadi numbers were also used in encryption also of Carnatic music.

We all have heard and recited Hanuman Chalisa and the story of Hanuman in which he misunderstood Sun with a fruit and attempted to touch it. In Hanuman Chalisa there is line “जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू। लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू।।‟ where 1 yug=12000 years, 1 sahastra =1000 and 1 yojan=8 miles, Hence 12000x1000x8=96 million miles which is nothing but exact distance between the earth and the sun.

We all know the theory of evolution and Darwin’s theory. We also know that Lord Vishnu appeared in 10 avataras. Let us try to understand hidden meaning behind it. First avtar was Matsya (fish) which indicates life started I water then life evolved into amphibians Kurma (tortoise) avatar. Varaha (boar) was symbol of life turning into terrestrial. The fourth avatar was Narsimha, in which beasts started evolution into humans. Fifth appearance of Vishnu was Vaman which is often picturised by erect boy. It is denotation of Homo-erectus, Sixth appearance is Parshurama. It is said that he was antisocial, arrogant and had axe is his hand and he was cave and forest dweller, The seventh appearance of Ram ;a symbol of being social and society started playing main role here. The eighth appearance was Krishna. He was a politician, lover, and statesman. He constructed social structure. The ninth avatar was Buddha where man started to find inner peace. The final appearance is Kalki which denotes a supremely developed man.Here we find the example of science imprisoned in spirituality.

There were many scientists like Einstein, Kepler, and Ramanujan who gave vital importance to spirituality and there are many spiritualists like Swami Vivekananda who gave importance to science. The conflict in my mind was finally answered by a thought of Einstein, “Science without spirituality is lame and spirituality without science is blind.”

Science is not superior on alone and so is spirituality. Science with spirituality is superior science and spirituality are like the poles of magnet. We cannot separate them and if we will separate them the universe won’t exist. Spirituality is best way to approach science. As the youth it is our responsibility to discover science with the lantern of spirituality and avoid superstitious practices taking place in the name of spirituality with the conscience of science.

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