Changing Scenario of Employment in India


Greetings, reader!

How many of you have had the thought, ‘I’m fed up of my job,’ recently?

And how many of you can proudly say, “I love my job, this is where I’ve always wanted to be.”?

We can all agree that the numbers for the former are evidently more than the latter.

Do we blame the competition or perhaps, the ever-growing population?

With regard to India, the majority of population is financially weak and we say for the most of us, that a Government job is like gold. So back in the days, where technology was limited, the options were limited. Graduates from Arts and Media were not given bulk recognition, as there was no demand for artists. The demand was for technical graduates; and we are well aware of the one career middle-class Indian students choose, before doing what they really like!

Ten or twenty years ago, there was huge demand for engineering graduates. But with the boom in technology (thank you, internet), and business sectors, there is more supply than demand; in turn leaving many respectable graduates unemployed. We don’t mean to say that technical graduates are not required today, but they are required in less numbers, and as there is more supply than demand, the competition is cut-throat.

For instance, take any government job exams. Every 5th student is working hard to get in. But is it the only way to make real money?

The picture has changed so much in just the last 5 years, that degrees have become redundant, and exemplary skills, mandatory. Today, you can’t tell the rich and the happy apart. Being rich is the new happy.

And although a government job might seem the best for the 30 and above ages, it is no longer enough for the youth of India. The private sectors are booming and they demand more skills, more efficacies, and more knowledge. A degree hanging on the wall is simply not enough, neither for technical folks nor the artists. Due to the abundance of knowledge, the demand for skilled individuals has increased. The world today demands you to ‘set yourself apart from the crowd’.

So what is the picture today?

Social media has become the new employment, a new platform.

Take a look at the entertainers: You Tubers, the stand-up comedians, they make their own money, doing something different. Take a look at the entrepreneurs; they take huge risks, to get huge profits. Observe the young artists, and watch how they invent their own businesses.

Not only the young apprentice, but also a professional from any age group, wants to do something different. And we need to be different and innovative now, rather than being ‘yes’ men. With such tremendous growth, opportunities lie everywhere. Today, you can be anything, which is a privilege the old folks never received due to limitations in technology.

Job means different things to different people. For some it is security, for some it is passion, for some it is not-worth-the-efforts, and for some it is infuriating.

But almost every person in India wants to make more money, and the tables have so turned, that a job which offers you security might rarely offer you growth.

Most of us might know what we love to do, but knowing how to do it inventively is going to be the game changer.

To make more money, we need to be our own businesses!

Every new skill we learn, every new trade, every new task, adds to our leverage and those who learn new things, as well as old, will end up with the pile of gold.

Civil engineer by day, renegade writer by night.
Sounds fun? It is! Writing is in my blood and is my way of meditation. I believe that there is an artist in all of us, regardless of what we do.I may not be the best writer, but some day, some where, my writings will find you and when they do, I hope you find what you were looking for.I also truly believe that when you write, you give others the courage to think differently.



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