Have Grace For Yourself Because You Are Enough !


Despite of living under the same sky, there are two worlds around a person . One which he can see around him and the another which others can’t see , inside him.
The only person who knows every detail about yourself is YOU.

No one can better understand you rather than your own being. People may think you aren’t enough for a task but your conscious will always jog your memory of the things you are capable of doing and the heights you can achieve. Your efforts, skills and courage are better known to you , rather than the person judging you.

Life gives equal opportunities to everyone. You just have to be smart enough to pinpoint them. Also you should patiently bide your time before making an escape. Whoever you think as your best friend , soulmate , secret keeper can’t be with you round the clock figuring out your problems or motivating  you every now and then.

You have to make yourself strong enough to control your feelings and emotions to be stable at times, when you need to be.At the end of the day you’ll have to trust yourself because people changes , priorities changes, feelings changes and love changes too !

The world will grab you down but you should be stubborn enough to stand firm on the place where you belong.Appreciate the people who criticize you because they show you what you shouldn’t become !

I’m a simple version of a complex thing .
Your mind is my thought.
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