Mom knows everything – Mother’s Day special


We can’t live without our mothers. They are the most amazing person in our lives right?? They have possessed some kind of magic powers! It’s true! As mothers bring us to birth they know each nerve of their children, it’s surprising how they can feel and give solution to our problems without even asking for it. Here are some super powers mentioned below which will prove that MOM Knows the best!

They can heal everything!

Yes anything! Whenever we face pain the first thing which comes in our mind is her name. By only remembering her, our pain gets alienated. Mothers are great at fixing things. Whether it’s fever, clean cuts, accidents or your emotional problems. She will make things right.  Mother's love

Most genuine well-wisher

Ever stepped out for an interview or any competition without taking her wishes? Their constant support and motivation helps us to outshine in such situations. Plus, they have the most perfect ways to help calm your nerves in times of pressure.  Even if you fail, she will be the first person to tell you not to lose hope and keep trying. Below is the image where I failed in an interview and my mom sent me this letter! Mother's Day

Bluff master!

Mothers especially in India are drama queens. They exactly know how to trick their children and get things done! Like when you don’t listen to her advice or don’t ask for her permission straight away a line comes “Tu Aisa Karega Apni Maa k Sath” or “Main sab kuchh karti hun, sab keh liye khana banati hun, tum itna nahi kar sakte” or If you do this don’t talk to me! It’s not always a threatening or emotional drama but sometimes you ll get a bribe or your favourite dish for doing a job.

Mother's drama


Super Managers!

Only Moms can keep a family on schedule. Some moms use paper calendars and diaries, others their trusty phones. Some just have an amazing memory—whatever the way a mom stays on track. They are obsessive cleaners. You can’t replicate their organized stuff in the same fashion as it was earlier.  They are multi taskers. You even realize how she will cook delicious food for 12 people in a go and still take time out for other stuff. 

Super mother


Power of sixth sense!

Mothers have strong intuition. They know if you are lying or you need them even at the corner of the house. They know when something bad is going to happen to their kids, just because they feel something isn’t right. Mothers have like X-ray vision as they are able to tell on the other side of a closed door—that their child is not getting ready for school but is playing instead. 

First Gurus!

Mom is the first teacher in every child’s life. They are creators of the world population.  Their duty is to give responsible citizens to the world. From our first step, to the first alphabet we write in school, our behavior, mannerisms, even the sex education, everything is  taught first by a mother.Mom as a first teacher

Hunger Saviour!

Aren’t they the best chefs! “Maa k hath ka khana” is never going to get old. The food just only has taste but it has some memories attached with it. As whenever we go apart from our house we miss the food the MOST! Also they are very smart in providing nutritious food to their children. Ever eaten a vegetable which just looks like a Paneer? Yes it was their trap in which you fell eating some weird vegetable.Interesting food

Mothers are Sherlocked!

They are amazingly intelligent when it comes to finding something you already looking for. Ever wondered why mother knows everything?? A simple reason behind it could be that they have designed the entire house and are managing it since years. They are one who might have kept your belongings in place and you were searching them in a wrong way all the time! Mom is detective

And last they give the world’s best Jadoo ki Jhapi! Best cuddlers

Mothers are the best cuddlers. Their one hug or hand over our head mends everything and all of us as children feel secured, loved and protected. 

Moms are the best! Cheers to all the mothers out there who unconditionally love us, make sacrifices, put their children before them, they stay happy in other’s success, fight for the right and always forgive us. I know its late but Happy Mother’s Day!

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