Quit the habit of giving up !


There will be days when someone will make you feel unwanted.
There will be days when you’ll get up and things won’t be as you want them.
There will be days when you’ll smile but would gradually die inside.
You need to be strong at such time,when no one is by your side.

When life tries to be cruel with you and captures you in a woeful state, don’t surrender.
Close your eyes for a while, at that moment your moral code will boost you to a level where your fear and the trap won’t ever reach.
Remember the essentials for conquering the unwelcoming and harmful situations.
Those are the only grades which will help you to master in achieving your objectives.

We sometimes fail to grasp the intentions of people and help them wholeheartedly. We’ll end up real disappointed if we think people will help us as we did for them. Not everyone has the same heart !

You have to be your own strength . Things which are meant to be , will happen sooner or later but things which won’t -will never.
There will be a time you’ll find yourself alone, struggling, that will be the moment you’ll know what you really are, a winner indeed

I’m a simple version of a complex thing .
Your mind is my thought.
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