Whoever you are, whatever you do, you’ll always need a family.


There are two people in our life whom we sometimes misunderstand .That may be due  to the age gap or difference in the perspective to see a particular thing. But have you ever noticed that there are many other things which no one can understand but they will, definitely !
I guess you understood about whom I’m talking.


I’m talking about our parents.
As we grow up , we sometimes take them for granted .Every human being is incomplete without his family and parents.
I find teenagers posting pictures with their friends with a title WHEN FRIENDS BECOME FAMILY .But have you ever wondered how easy our life will be when our family will become our friends!
Think for a while , pouring your heart out to your mother will make you feel more comfortable and your bond will get stronger. She will understand you like no one else.

If you are lucky enough to have a sister, then there is no substitute for another soul sister. She can be your chatter box for life!

We seek for motivation around ourselves ,but we forget that our father can be the one!

People say experience makes a person more enlighten. If that is the thing, then my friend we can be a part of it by learning from our father’s experiences. He can be the life changer.

We look for love around the world, but forget our parents at some moment.
No one can do the things they do for us.
Our life belongs to them .
We should love and respect our parents, because that’s the way we’ll get immense love from the universe.

I’m a simple version of a complex thing .
Your mind is my thought.
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