Here’s How Facebook access your data and target you with ads


Facebook knows a lot about you, like where you work, where you live, and your relationship status. Currently Facebook has 1.18 billion daily active users. Facebook uses all the data you provide.  There’s a whole list of undisclosed information Facebook compiles on each of its users for advertising purposes.

Facebook targeting

Lets see first why people choose to advertise on Facebook?

  1. You get to know and choose your audience.
  2. You can measure leads and results on your ads.
  3. There are various targeting options.
  4. You can create and customize your own ads
  5. Advertising creates awareness for your content.

What are the different goals, which advertisers aim at advertising on Facebook?

  1. App Installations
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Engagement
  4. Lead generation
  5. Store visit
  6. Increasing traffic

How and what they target?

The first set of options to refine your audience is pretty straight forward:

Basic demographic information

Geo-Targeting: Reaching people through their location where you want to do business. Location can be related to their area, postal code, zip code, or relation wise like just shifted, rented or bought a new house, people currently travelling to those locations. Facebook gives a facility to create a radius around your shop or business for exact targeting.

Age: You can choose any age category be it to teenagers, senior citizens, young families, children as per your business preference.

Gender: Target specific genders.

Relationship status: If you are in relationship or had a break up or single.

Connections: People connected to your page, app, or event

Then Facebook combines the data with other activities

FB has enormous data on your movements: It knows not only who you are but also where you go if you have location on. It can tell.. 

  • If you are a mobiker or on a vacation you are Gadget geek.
  • If you are in relationship or had a break up
  • Your workplace restaurants you visits, business you interact with
  • You are shopping online whether you have a line of credit to buy a particular product.
  • Who lives in your house your neighbor, your political views

After analysis of basic demographics audience categories are being created.

Core audience: Select your audience manually based on characteristics such as age and location.

Custom Audiences: Upload your contact list to connect with your customers on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences: Use your customer information to find people similar to them on Facebook.

Detailed Targeting

Facebook has a tool called pixel for advertisers. It is code advertisers can place on their websites to track what people do after clicking an ad. Advertisers collect data on the effectiveness of their ads. Customers use which type of phone, the brand, the OS, the car or vehicle they have, from where do they shop or do they have loyalty cards etc all such detailed targeting comes under behavior of customers. Companies find this data very essential for segregating the audience as per their product.


Precise Interest Targeting lets you target your audience based on their profile information. This includes their likes and interests, apps they use, Pages they’ve Liked, and more (you can even target your competitors’ fans!). Start typing an interest and a list of options will appear. You can also click “browse” to see some broad categories suggested by Facebook. Once you’ve added some interests, Facebook will also recommend similar ones. Adding more than one interest will target people with at least one of them so you’ll make your reach broader.


FB also offers a retargeting tool. If you’ve placed a product in your cart. but not bought it yet, advertisers could target you with an Facebook ad to push you to buy that product.

Due to such critical and detailed targeting, advertisers are gaining advantage for placing their product in the market in front of their selected audience who are really interested to buy in the product and all this is possible because of the Facebook platform provided to us. Also it is beneficial even for the customers as they wont see those ads which are irrelevant to them. I think till whatever Facebook allows to advertise every businessman should try hands on Facebook Targeting.

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