Modes of Life

Source : one-mind-one-energy

I may say that i am little younger to know the modes of life, but the phases you have seen which enticed you to learn more and take the challenges that made you to grow maturity in viewing towards life, the very small thing which gives a big impact and change your behaviour ; your expectation towards someone is how much you believe in them, It is very well known that”Don’t expect anything from anyone”this is a bit of thing I do ever follow in my life. This saying has a pure meaning which taught a very great lesson of life. each and every moment of life make you feel that ,’yes this is new’ that may be hard to take or loveable to accept. You have to know that people around you will never act according to the way you feel, that is you to make it something and feels you better.this a little thing I have learnt from some mere experiences, I say that every little thing which make you feel that ‘yes this is how it is’ is a mode of life. 🙂

Portraying thoughts is a hobby, Rendering them in words is art,
But The principle of true art is not to portray,but to evoke
I am in my way of indulging myself into this and of course love to
promulgate them.A girl in search of real satisfaction.


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