Best waffle joints in Nagpur!!!



A delectable affair which we use to see on television few years ago.
The waffle making process is something I love a lot. Let me tell you why. It’s a perfect treat to the eye as it is to your taste buds. And watching this heavenly dessert being made in front of you is truly foodgasmic. The way that batter is poured in the waffle maker, the finished waffle which is cooked to perfection to gain the colour brown and then the toppings. Loads Nutella to go with it, some chocolate chips and sometimes if that’s not enough I’d treat myself to a waffwich. Two waffles with chocolate ice cream in between. I am drooling and I might get myself a waffle right away. If you too are craving for some then here’s a list of few places in Nagpur serving hot waffles at your service!

1) The waffle boss co.

2) The breakfast story

3) The belgian waffle co.

4) London bubble co.

5) Bubble bee waffles

6) Urban waffle

7) Wafflez

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