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Are you tired of wasting time? Do you have loads of work but not able to organize it?  If so, then it is time for you to get productive!

Productivity is all about getting things done in a right way. We always try to make plan of action, to do lists, schedules but fail to implement them in our routine. Here are 10 kickass ways through which you can become a pro in productivity.


Try starting the day with fun, easy tasks to build momentum and get you in the zone for a productive day. As you will complete your work one by one from the start, you will feel a different energy to continue the same speed for the rest of the work for the entire day. Set clear, well-defined deadlines for your projects. Use them as focal points to stay on the next tasks.


While making a To-do list start each task with a verb. If you are going to write down “new ideas,” instead try “brainstorm new ideas.” If you are going to write down “blog post,” instead try “write blog post.” By writing the task in this way, you are drawing a clear picture in your mind that you need to take in order to complete the tasks.


Try the caffeine nap. When you need to keep going for a few hours, but you feel like you are about to collapse into sleep, it may be time to pull out the caffeine nap. The trick is simple: Drink a cup of coffee (or something else with lots of caffeine), and then take a short (15-20 minute) nap. This trick may sound as if adapted from some coffee addict but it works at times.


Practicing the tasks as rituals. Things you do every day like your core habits, like tooth brushing, are just things you do every day and night, because it’s just part of your daily routine. You barely even think about them. That’s exactly the kind of mindset you need to have when it comes to achieving your long-term goals, even ones that aren’t obviously embedded into the structure of your life.

Set your goals. Goals can be short term or long term but there needs to be a definite way that you are going somewhere. If you don’t have an aim, which counts as a motivation too then there is no point of creating number of to-do lists or schedules. Create a list of all the goals you’d like to reach, and then choose which goals are the five most important. You then focus on those five. Ignore the rest. While those other tasks may be important, they don’t require your immediate attention.

Foundr Magazine in their article describes that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time- Bound. These terms have the acronym as S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Specific:  Be clear about what, exactly, you need to achieve

Measurable: Create clear parameters for what constitutes success, and what counts as progress along the way.

Action-Oriented: Describe your goal using verbs—action words.

Realistic:  Don’t bullshit yourself. If your ambitions are too big, you’ll never achieve your goal, which will only demoralize you. Have realistic goals.

Time-Bound: Decide exactly when you’ll start working toward this goal, and exactly when you plan to achieve it.

Defeating the distractions. “No matter what else you do, you should never stop reminding yourself what’s at stake. Silly cats on YouTube or a quick scroll through Twitter might sound appealing now, but when you’re 45 videos or 9,000 tweets deep it’ll be another story entirely. “ Dont get distracted

If that’s you, and digital distractions are your big issue, there’s a bold, blunt way out: Block those websites. Just turn them off. You can search Google right now to find programs and apps that will block certain websites you deem distracting.


Have a sound sleep. Sleep between seven and eight hours each night. Keep your phone away from you while you sleep. Stay off screens in the two to three hours before going to bed.





Don’t be stressed. Successful people take time to unplug. Too much tech means too much stress. Laugh Watch videos of cute animals. Seriously. Meditate. Dont get stressedIf you meditate, day after day, working to build that skill, you will be able to cultivate a natural mindfulness that enables you to focus. Smile. Take time to disconnect from tech.



Being productive is awesome! Hope you find the above ideas useful. Share us your suggestions that how you crack the code of productivity in your daily life.

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