Hmm… A Confused engineer

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Time rolled down. Questions started flashing in front of me. I stood there unanswered.

Do I really think about problem solving?Am I really passionate about science and creating new things? Have I ever dreamt about making a difference with the knowledge I gain, or do I really want to see the change? All the days, running behind dead lines, rolling down for traditional exams and internals, endless group discussions, sleepless nights, and still no satisfaction … what is it for?…Yes, you got it right. I am an Engineer…A confused engineer.

I honestly have no idea ,why I call myself that, may be, because, in the society’s eye I am named that. Just because I am getting the greatest thing, the society needs, that is A GRADUATION CERTIFICATE. And the best part is, if I have some rocking grades on my sheet I am named as the best Engineer my college can ever have, no matter what stuff I really have in my brain. The system needs to be awarded for its unique way of testing the intelligence of the young minds. And it is called THE EXAM. And no matter of what you understand, if you give out what they expect you will be awarded with a ranking ,for having the knowledge which they expected from you.

In this circus play, at the end of the day when I sit back and think, about “why am I doing all this?”, I am left with no answer.

When I tune my time back, I found regretful early days of my engineering for not getting into IIT’s or NIT’s. Pretends of studying and being the best student. Fighting for the power and authority among the student community.

Gradually moving down to seriously useless chats,Overnight preparations, prayers for the pass marks, critics, gangs, movies, bunks, parties and what not…every single thing that is known not to be done, will be tried for sure.

But every single moment , the heart will be crying for the way it haven’t found yet, the purpose of life, the presence of my being on this planet, the question of, why? And I am pretty sure that almost every person of my kind will have the same question revolving all around.

And I think we have to take a break sit back and find the purpose. But the first thing that comes to the mind is.. WILL THE SOCIETY ACCEPT ME? And the same cycle begins again and I remain as a confused engineer for the rest of my life…

This society and the education system never fails to surprise me.

How can anything in this world ruin the entire mindset of the people within no time.


Portraying thoughts is a hobby, Rendering them in words is art,
But The principle of true art is not to portray,but to evoke
I am in my way of indulging myself into this and of course love to
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