Food trends in Nagpur !!


With new trends taking world by storm, Nagpur seldom feels left behind. Few places which were unheard of few years ago, can be found in almost each and every area of the city today. With People adapting these new things rapidly, not only is the demand increasing day by day but also they aren’t afraid to invest in such places anymore.
Here is our take on few of the most trending food in Nagpur:


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As clear as I remember, a few years back momos weren’t something which everyone knew about. They were restricted to and were only available in the north region and as far as my experience goes I heard about them for the first time in my north trip in 2008. But after a few years some people tried their hand on selling momos in Nagpur and they were successful.
Everyone was talking about the momo trend at that time and it grew so rapidly that we can find momos almost everywhere in Nagpur today.

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2-3 years ago, waffle was that food item which could only be seen in pictures, like a nice rich, good- looking dessert which everyone wanted to try. Soon some food joints started selling waffles in Nagpur. They became popular instantly and now we can get waffles in almost every busy street around the city. Big waffle chains are also investing in Nagpur.

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Gone are those days when restaurant’s were very boring with plain interiors and nothing fancy.
Nowadays people want to go to places which have very good ambience, the food menu should be different and updated, and the way of serving also matters a lot.
People love fancy things nowadays. With increase in stress lives they want a good cosy place with comfy ambience to relax and of course decent and not so typical food which is yet served in a very fancy way. These cafés are taking Nagpur by storm and can be seen in almost every busy area of the city.

Soon we’ll release an article on the most trending cafés in Nagpur.

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  1. Yes you are correct, now trands has changed. Many people feels happy on food stall. Children, young as well as old people eat on these shops

  2. “Good job.Your hard work really shined through. It’s obvious you’ve been at this a long time.” Looking forward for information about best available cuisines in Nagpur.

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