10 Awkward things we all do but never admit!



  1. Talking to yourself.

We all have this habit of speaking with self, in which at times we get so engrossed that we forget to see where we are, who all are around and in which situation and end up making a laughing stalk of ourselves. (This is like demonstrating the famous Jab we Met dialogue – “Main apni favorite hun”

2. Thinking about society

Whenever we experiment something new with our looks or attire, we get self-conscious. In such scenario after getting out in  public even if a dog stares at us we are like shit! Why I came like this! Here Kuch to log kahenge logo ka kam hai kehna never implies.

3. Other side of Fence is always green

When you go on your FB page and see your best friend posting his holiday pics in Europe how much ever you boast of caring a damn of what others do you do feel jealous. (it is like that Rin ad – uski safedi meri safedi se jyada kaise)


4. Exercising for few hours and continuously check your weight

With so many people flaunting their perfect bodies around and social media being bombarded with diet and fitness related article, we all get conscious of our weight.  Even if we are exercising for 1 day we start self-reviewing ourselves and checking our weight. Khoon Pasina ek kar diya!!


5. Saying Aww, you don’t look fat to someone.

Raise your hand if you ever said something to someone only to make them feel better while you actually wanted to say something else.  Remember saying ‘No you’re not!’ to your fatso friend who has gained few pounds by hogging on cheesy sweet-covered pizza, covered in chocolate sauce with the coke.


6. Immediately switch to the concerned, serious ‘hmm’ and shake head if the previous response is met with confusion from the speaker.

There’s no alternative to escape from such situation where you may have to admit that you weren’t listening to them and that you an ignorant person who was thinking about make up food or the cricket match instead.


7. Stalking your ex

Don’t lie — we all, at one point or another, more frequently than not, stalk our exes after a breakup. Sometimes you stalk beyond their current relationship’s friend’s brother’s friend! Duh?

8. Pretending to text on phone while waiting for someone.

We millennials don’t have enough friends these days but without our phone we all are incomplete. Any embarrassing situation out there and we sneak into our mobile phones pretending to be super busy!

Texting on phone


9. Claiming to have read books but actually know just the summary from  Wikipedia

It becomes embarrassing when you show your clueless face in public where you don’t know about popular books or series which everyone is talking about. That’s where Google saves you and says Main hoon na!

Reading books


10. Not admitting the above 10 things . SHHSHH! Don’t worry Nobody knows.

Awkward things we all do but never admit



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